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5/30/2020 @ 10:58am

Well www.axisflix.com is back online with all the movies listed so far.  Were running is locally on a smaller server till I plug it into the 1000/35 Xfinity connection.   [ HARDWARE ] has been updated to reflect  the new hardware.  As of right now we are running ALL Intel i7 or XEON classed machines with raid-1 or raid-5 setup for data backup.  It costs a little more but I am tired of scanning in the same movies over and over because of hardware failure.   Hopefully you will take some time and consider donating to us.  Cash, Old Movies (DVD/BLURAY), or computer hardware would gladly be accepted.  If we cant use it here locally we will just throw it on [ CRAIGSLIST ] and use that money to grow here, for your enjoyment.   Take a second to check out our other sites too listed on the landing page, [ www.a2k4.com ]   Have a Good Day!

5/4/2020 @ 4:38pm

Well we haven't really added much [ NEW ] Stuff since this CROV-19 crap started.  Today wife I am were going thru my sons movies so i decided to rescan them into the system.  I also picked up some movies that a friend of mine was getting rid of and I order 300 Bulk movies from my one distributer, They will be here tomorrow.  I should have plenty to add for a few weeks.  I also want to get the used DVDs back up for sale.  $1/Each or SIX for $5.  I am also going to add a music section to this website making it a totally MEDIA site.  I will add the audio files soon, CDs that i have come across and scanned in myself in .WMA format.  For the time being I will be using the IIS Directory PHP instead of making a website for it.  You can link to the CD MEDIA page [ HERE ].  Let me know if you notice any problems by e-mailed me at jonspatz@hotmail.com   Even though most of the world is stopping were growing.  Enjoy.   I am also looking for donations to our sites..  Either $$$ Cash or you can send us used CD's and DVDs to scan in and make the site grow.  E-mail me!


4/26/2002 @ 10:58am

I haven't done anything with this side in over 2 weeks.  With the COVID-19 Lockdown and sales being next to ZERO I haven't purchased any movies or much of anything for awhile.  Hope the stimulus package comes in soon for the family so we can get back on track.  For all of you that continue to visit the site thank you and we will be adding movies soon I hope.  If there is anything your looking for or waiting to see please e-mail me and I will order it so i can scan it in.  Stay Safe - Social Distancing - Any No, You don't need to wear a mask to access this site... :)

 I also sorted the rest of the movies in the "NEW RELEASES" section and created a [ DRAMA ] Category for movies to be put into.

4/8/2020 @ 12:25pm

Well its been two weeks of quarantine here in Pennsylvania so I decided to move some of the sites around and pickup another dedicated server.  As of right now ALL movies should be available.  If you find a broken link pleas e-mail me @ jonspatz@hotmail.com

4/1/2020 @ 10:53pm

This site has kind of been put on hold due to not being able to access new movies, stressing out at home, and bandwidth issues.  I now have a new rented server with a 1 Gigabit Connection and a 2 Terabyte hard drive.  Started uploading the site today so there may be a few missing titles till it all done.  I am also going to totally cut out some of the series because in the moves disk 2 got lost here and the ftp didn't finish the transfer there.  Its a work in progress so please be patient.

3/5/2020 @ 9:09am

Added alot of new movies and added some new movie directories.  Harry Potter, SAW, Resident Evil,  and LEGO.  Also the Franchise directory for sags/sequels/and more.  Make sure to check it out.  Also moved the movie server to a lower speed machine and network because people were just sucking movies and not donating.  If I cant make back the $35 a month for the server why should I even waste my time and wear and tear on the hardware??  So, they still work but they will just need a longer time to buffer.   We have also got reports of no sound.  The movies are fine and play start to finish but the TV shows and reason that are over 1 Gigabyte the audio goes out after about 45 minutes to an hour.  We are working on this and trying different players to see if its a Windows Media Player problem.  If you notice anything wrong, dead links, audio problems PLEASE e-mail at jonspatz@hotmail.com   Thanks.


2/28/2020 @ 11:42

We now have the Complete AVENGERS Series In Order..  Enjoy...

2/24/2020 @ 8:31am

The Walking Dead Season One Thru Nine are now here...

2/23/2020 @ 11:35am

I started collecting the Entire Marvel Series Of Movies.  Were starting with the proper timeline of the Avengers Movies and I will branch out from them.  Please enjoy the server and PLEASE feel generous at [ Go Fund Me ]


The Entire Star Trek Movie Collection is now complete.  From The Motion Picture All The Way to the Star Trek: Beyond Reboot.


I am moving what he have setup here to a newer and faster server.  It will probably take 2 days to upload all of the movies so some may be missing.  Also, In the process of copying movies to the dedicated server center their might me some screw-up's.  If you notice any movies that fall short/do not complete or are missing PLEASE e-mail directly at jonspatz@hotmail.com  This will be for after the copy is done by 2/10/2020.  We also updated the [ HARDWARE ] Section to show the new equipment.


The 007 James Bond Collection is now complete.  We have ALL the movies currently available.


Got alot of the movie server back together and started working on the [ TV ] Series Section.   As of right now I am only loading on the movies that I like, I will eventually get to just scanning any movies in.  We have a really nice selection right now and i have a who external usb drive to load on yet too.   I am only going to keep this site alive in i start getting some GO FUND ME Donations and I will speak more of that later.   Please visit our other site [ www.a2k4.com ] for information about our game servers & Our Bit Mining Setup.  I am going to give this a shot one last time.. I am not asking for huge donations unless you super rich What i am looking for is someone to e-mail and say your doing a great job here's $3 on your GO FUND ME page. Think you can do that?



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